Stop Taking Depression Pills

I have more than 20 years taking strong anti-depressants. Recently, my daughter has told me that I could not see my nephew when it already. He thought that they were my short-term memory loss. Then he stopped and was with them for 3 months-type. I'm so deeply depressed that he cried a lot, I was very angry and sad for no reason. My dealings with people was very moving and finally what happen, she is my daughter and I had a difference of opinion and now, says, never see my granddaughter. It blocked my phone number, email address, and I see on Facebook. Cancel my account in the nest, so that the child not see it during the day. It has all their friends, the girls who I have known for more than 20 years, which could see the picture of my nephew on their pages, even when socializing block. I cried for 24/7 weeks and I thought that stop taking depression pills literally blows to the head. So, I'll go back to the medication and it feels much better, but cost me my daughter and my grandson. And Yes, I blew up my medication. I thought for a few weeks and then every two days could be weaning Yes, but I think that did not work or that he needed drugs really. The problem that many people must remain, that is expensive and cumulative. You need a doctor, which is expensive and antidepressants cause weight gain. So was interesting, go abruptly? N.